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Safety Matters

Beginner Driver Education 

Welcome to your local community Georgetown (Haltonhills) Ministry Approved Course Provider , the place where you can learn new skills, and feel accomplished every single day. Take a look at our programs for Drivers Ed In Georgetown and get in touch to find out more.

Why Choose us?

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Amazing Drivers as name suggests...found professional gentleman Mr Irfan who taught me driving skills with safety preference...and I passed my G2 test today in first attempt...even examiner was impressed and amazed because of no mistake (almost)...Thanks a lot !!!! Amazing Drivers


Amazing drivers are really amazing. Very through in their approach and provided clear instructions. I was able to clear my G in single attempt.


Irfan was a great instructor and helped out tremendously during my times learning to drive and allowed myself to pass the g2 and g test.


Irfan from Amazing drivers is really an amazing instructor. He is very professional and learned instructor with wealth of experience in his field. Highly recommended. Great Job Irfan and Amazing team 👍👍👍

RK Maan

Yeh experience was really great! The instructor was very patient and cheerful. I got to know the important stuff with detailed instructions.


Had amazing experience with amazing drivers. I cleared my G2 in the first attempt , thanks to Irfan sir, he gave all the classes with patience and build my confidence in the first few classes. He is one of the best instructors I have met or have heard of . He explained my mistake calmly.
Thank you Mr Irfan.

I had a fantastic learning with Amazing Drivers and successfully cleared my G2 road test. They taught me parallel parking, 3-point turns, reverse parking, and uphill/downhill parking among all the other important rules/techniques to make you a better and safer driver. I highly recommend Amazing Drivers in their car learning journey. Thank you, Irfan sir!

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