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  • What is BDE Course?
    The BDE course is Beginner Driver Education which consists of 30Hrs digital online curriculum and 10 Hrs (Silver Package) 12 Hrs (Gold Package) 15 Hrs (Platinum Package) in-car one on one lessons with licensed and experienced driving instructor.
  • Are there only in-car lessons available as I don't want to do the 30 Hrs of digital online curriculum of BDE?
    Yes, you can find different packages for in-car lessons only (without E-learning part) for G2 or G and can choose as per your needs. Note: Ministry Certification does not apply to only in-car lessons.
  • When can I join driver training course?
    You can join anytime at your convenience. You set your own schedule for 30Hrs online digital curriculum from the convenience of your home or anywhere you choose to be. For In-car lessons you will be assigned a driving instructor so you may communicate and find a mutual available slots for lessons.
  • Are payment plans Available?
    Absolutely! Payment plans are available for the Beginner Driving Education Program (BDE Course) only. Here is how it works: You can pay half of the course fee and start the course however before you start in-car lessons you can pay the remaining half of the payment. Remember, you have one year to complete the whole course once you register.
  • Can I start the course without my G1?
    Yes! You can start the 30Hrs digital online curriculum however, you must have your G1 by the time you are ready to start your in-car driving lessons.
  • How long do I have to wait to finish the course?
    Complete course (Digital curriculum-30 Hrs + in-car lessons-10 Hrs) must be completed within one (1) year from the start date to qualify for insurance certification. After one year contract will be automatically canceled and no refunds will be made.
  • How early can I go for my MTO road test?
    If you take our course, you can take your G2 test 8 months from the date your G1 license is issued. Otherwise you must wait a minimum of 1 year if you don’t take the course. Or if your G1 license is over a year you can go for road test anytime.
  • Can I cancel my incar lesson last min?
    In-car appointments canceled with less than 24 hrs notice will be subject to a charge for a full lesson. Remember, if you want to cancel or reschedule a lesson you may do so however shouldn't be less than 24hrs notice as this doesn't give in-car instructors enough time to book someone else on your time slot.
  • Can I use my instructor's car?
    Absolutely! You can use the instructor’s car for your road test. The fee and availability to use your instructor’s car will vary depending on which test centre you book your test. Always try and use a car that you are familiar with when you take your road test. You will feel more comfortable and relaxed during the road test.
  • Can I sign up for the program if I live outside Georgetown/Acton?
    Absolutely! The only difference is that for your in-car lessons you have to meet your instructor within Georgetown. That means your driving lesson starts and ends in Georgetown.
  • ​ What if I require proof of Course Completion?
    Proof of driving course completion for possible insurance discounts have been processed through on-line certification transaction. Students need to obtain their DRIVER LICENCE HISTORY (DLH). This is done by request through the MTO at any of the LOCAL LICENSING centers (Service Ontario). The Driver License History (DLH) search can only be requested by the driver (license holder), as it contains personal information.
  • Where can I book my road test?
    If you are booking your driving test in Ontario you have two options: Call 1-888-570-6110 Book it online at
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